Sunday Island Education Weekend (For Snake Island, Boole Poole and Blond Bay)

Start Date
16 January 2021
End Date
17 January 2021
Start Time
End Time
Sunday Island
Contact Name
Gino Lendaro
Contact Phone
0418 994 281
Contact Email
Australian Deer Association - The Deer People
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Max. Attendees
Who Can Register?

Residential education course for hunters who have drawn positions to hunt on Snake Island, Boole Poole or Blond Bay in 2021

Congratulations on being a winner for either Snake Island and Blond Bay State Game Reserves or Boole Poole Peninsula during 2021.

You are invited to attend the official Hog Deer Hunters Education Weekend being facilitated by the Melbourne Branch of the Australian Deer Association, which will be held on Sunday Island, Corner Inlet, Victoria, on 16 & 17 January 2021. 

It is highly advisable that you take this opportunity to attend this official weekend.

Our venue host is Sunday Island, a private cooperative, that will provide, the best exposure you will get to viewing Hog Deer in their environment, before your balloted hunting period. 

There will be presentations from, Game Management Authority [GMA], Transport Victoria, Marine Safety, Boating Techniques for these waters, Deer Checking Station Officer, Taxidermy, Butchering, Backpack Hunting and Hog Deer Hunting techniques specifically these three locations. Also, there will be a presentation on Bushcraft and shooting skills. 

Note:  Based on input from previous participants, for 2021 ongoing, presentations will be improved and we will be having concurrent site briefings based on which location you have drawn.  

A Hog Deer Stag carcass will be used for several demonstrations.

The weekend will allow you to increase your knowledge of the biology, hunting methods, and logistics required for a successful and enjoyable Hog Deer hunt.  The weekend will also provide you with a great opportunity to connect with other hunters drawn on the same period, share ideas and generally talk S..t

Pre-departure [from the jetty] breakfast can be pre-booked from Castim By The Jetty Port Albert.  Ph:  0400 107 385 or 0428 172 365 [Carol or Andrew] 
e: Castim are located immediately at the jety we’ll be leaving from.  [Not part of supplied food for the weekend] 

Boat transport to the Island is included in the price, as are all meals and limited accommodation.  Participants will be provided with a map to help them get to the jetty on time, as it is necessary to manage boat departures closely.  

Meals will be prepared by Mark Fitzmaurice, ADA Melbourne Branch’s resident Chef.  Last year, hunters and support people raved about Mark’s cooking. Don’t miss out!!! 

Also, to create a COVID19 safe environment you will need to camp on the island and supply your own Swag or Tent.  Shower & toilet facilities are available and these will be cleaned regularly by the island caretaker.  

Beer can be purchased on Sunday Island for $2.50 a can. Drinking to be done responsibly, as refusal of the Sunday itinerary, will be enforced.

There will be a Hunter’s Raffle on Saturday evening, only the balloted hunters will be sold tickets.

All hunters will also receive a complimentary melamine mug ,souvenir specially commissioned for the weekend. 

Sunday Island is sand fly prone, so wear long trousers and bring Tropical Strength RID. 

The registration fee for the weekend is $180 inclusive of all fees and GST.  This fee covers transport, accommodation and food [not beer or soft drinks].  The Melbourne Branch and Sunday Island are keen to increase family involvement, so anyone under 18 can register and participate FREE, and the weekend is a great learning experience for tomorrow’s hunters. 

We also encourage ballot winners to invite any of their friends and they are more than welcome for the same $180 per person, guests under 18s also free. If in doubt, identification will be required for under 18s, and will be checked before boarding the boat to the Island.

Please contact Gino Lendaro at , should you have any Questions.